Great start to the New Year with Dead Moon and Longknife at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland. See the video page for a peek.

Dan Lowinger's final recordings with us were captured on a new release, Fever Dreamson Doomtown Sounds and Rockstar Records! Copies of the CD/vinyl currently available at live shows and at retail outlets.

Portland at the Know Feb. 26, 2016 Record Release Event: the show was great fun and the new record was enthusiastically received. Kelly 'Gator' Gately is a great addition to the band having taken over guitar duties from Dan. This dude rocks!

Next show: May 7 at the Twilight Cafe with Lovesores and Down Gown

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DON'T recordings are now available on BandCamp


European booking: Mary Keiser at Turbo Booking

US booking: Jenny at

US label: Doomtown Sounds  European dist: Rock Star Records